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    We'd love to have PesaPal active so we could start accepting Mpesa payments!

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    Hello everyone!

    Telegram recently launched the new Payments API ( Thanks to this API bots can provide complete checkout experience for users. A user can purchase a product not leaving Telegram messenger.

    I am developing a Shopify sales channel app to sell products on Telegram messenger. The app is fully operational and I would like to test it with a real store owner. If you are interested in selling products on Telegram, please send me a message at

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    Hello everyone!

    I am working with 3 POD Apps at my store... I thought the idea of working that way it will be amazing....because you dont need to print all the products without knowing if you are gonna sell them, and the dont need a space to keep them too. And to start I thought it will be the best way...

    But I am going crazy with the shipping rates....I am doing wrong all the time....the prices sometimes are so expensive...for example : yesterday I sold a Uk and the POD it's from USA....they charged me $33 for the shipping plus $33 for the production cost...and I set my profit on $25, that I losed with the shipping cost....but how can I charge $33 of shipping cost...when the blanket already cost $ one it's going to pay it....


    I am so confuse and I dont know how to set my shipping rates.....I look for other POD ....the they have the same shipping cost rates of even more...I dont understand...


    Can someone guide me with this...

    I dont know if I going to be cheaper using a regular print company isntead of POD....but...If you dont sell them....?



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    Hi, Kathleen.

    This is Martha from the Shopify Team. 

    We'd need to know a little bit more info on how you processed the payment to say for sure what the issue was. If you do want to follow up about this please contact support directly so we can take a look into your shop and the transaction in question :)

    Were you using the Swipe card reader? If so, please refer to these steps about making a credit payment. I have seen people accidentally choose a manual payment method like "external credit" this is used if you are processing cards with a device that is not integrated with your Shopify POS. 

    Check in on how the payment was processed from your Admin. Under Orders click on the Order # and scroll down to review the actions in the timeline! This section records what was charged, how and when.

    In the meantime, if you are looking for some general steps for troubleshooting the POS app, please refer to this page.

    If you have any further questions or need some clarification, please feel free to reach out to us again! 


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    Hey Guys I am trying to jump through hoops ands hoops to get my bussiness up and running

    I am a registered Bussiness here in NZ , Bussiness Bank Account etc


    No Bank in NZ that i have talked to without moving over my bussiness Loan etc.


    So im Looking for a Solution for my Sales to process credit cards via my store.  Selling E Cigs i am high risk wondering if anyone has had any luck as i am not interested in paypal at all. 


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    I am sure PayPal is a popular option given they don't have an issue with it. You could also chat to the eWay team. There'd be other options as well, but expect to chat to them all - they'll want to cover their butt on any risk.

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    I'll tell you, RepsDirect is pretty good. We fulfill for > 100 eCommerce stores, and I'd say roughly one-fifth outsource their support. 

    To be completely honest, though, the ones that outsource support also end up having the most complaints regarding refunds, returns, etc. 

    Hire someone part-time. You'll have direct control over the entire process when you need to intercede, and the communication chain will be much easier. If you are also outsourcing fulfillment, this is especially important. 

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    Hi Margaret!

    I'm very sorry to hear about that. Can you shoot me an email at I'd love to clear anything up for you directly. With whom were you working previously? 


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    Hey Ilker!

    My name is Ayfa, I’m one of Shopify’s Gurus and I’m here to help :)

    That does seem strange! I have spoken to our higher support team about your store and we have checked it out. We have done a test on one of the products here, the product is over €20 and the free shipping rate has applied. You can see out test here - 

    The team here have asked if you could clear your cache and try again? As sometimes when you add/remove/re-add items to the cart it can lead to confusion with the shipping rates. The correct shipping rates should still apply when you progress past the Shipping stage of the Checkout though, normally a message will appear asking you to update your selected shipping method, as the cart has changed.

    Once you have cleared your cache, could you let us know if that worked for you? If you are still having issues, I would be happy to dig deeper into this for you! I have sent you an email also, so you can reply to us there to keep chatting.

    Thanks so much, Ilker!

    Speak soon :)


    Shopify Guru |

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    Hi Guys,

    I have set up a Shopify website for my client, however I'm running into no end of trouble setting the payment gateway. I originally wanted to use 2Checkout, however after a month of misunderstandings they have refused the application even though they clearly state they offer the service to businesses in Montenegro.

    Can anyone suggest another payment gateway that accepts businesses in Montengero offering holiday rental accomondation?

    All accomondation is owned by the business; they have papers to prove it so (in Serbian) - this is a problem 2Checkout were having as they couldn't understand why the papers weren't in English… genius. 

    I have suggested to the client they use PayPal and accept there will be higher fees, or set the business up within the UK and use something like Stripe… they don't want to do either.

    Pretty please, can someone make suggestions to me as I'm really racking my brains to figure this out.

    Many thanks,

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    I am looking for templates or examples of legal contracts between a Shopify store owner and an outsourced company hired to store stock and fulfil orders on behalf of the Shopify store owner.

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    I'm haing some trouble with using fulfilment by amazon that I do not seem to be able to find a work around for. I'm hoping someone else has noticed this. 

    In two cases so far I've had times when I need to ship an item myself that is setup for FBA. Here's the two reasons:

    1. The inventory was out of stock at amazon, but I had a few with me localling that I could ship and therefor fill the order
    2. I had an international shipment that I prefered to send myself since I'm still trying to understand how international shipping will work.

    In both of these cases I don't seem to be able to edit the order to ship it myself. Presing the continue button from the order and moving into fulfillment gives options, but is sill marked that it will be sent to amazon for FBA. If I do this all he way through and their isn't any inventoyr amazon cancels the request and I go back to a normal open order. 

    How can I get the system to understand I shipped the item? I've opened a ticket with Shopify, but I'm assuming I can't be the only one thats ran into this issue with FBA. 


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    Hi there, 

    I run a small clothing business. However, I am having issues with keeping certain sizes in stock and acquire stock every 2-3 weeks. I am desperately looking for an app or method that would allow me to have both in stock sizes and out of stock sizes with the option for preorder. I need to be able to make it clear that if they are buying something out of stock it will be sent in 2-3 weeks. 

    There seem to be one or two apps and one is very very overpriced and I am a start up. I also do not want my coding to get messed up. I am trying to balance my cashflow situation as a have no investment and preorders are essential for me to keep things in stock and get new designs out quick as well as estimate how much I need to order. 

    Thanks a lot

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    i am taking offline line payment where custmor giving me information like credit card number and exp date. is there any good and fast payout merchant who can work good for me? i tried stripe, it collected the money but after some time it's send me an autogenerated email that all payment are unauthorised and it's reveversing. as i know in america most of offline payment taken only thru credit card number and exp date. please tel me guys.

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    Can someone please help?

    $24/month is so excessive when I just need an app for one button

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  • 06/12/17--12:45: FBA fullfilment error by Mat
  • Hi,

    Just test my FBA integration and got this error message after my test order:

    ''The field PerUnitDeclaredValue has a value of USD, was expecting CAD''

    I'm located in Canada but my Amazon store is in the US as well as my shopify store and currency.  Does it mean I can't sell to people located in Canada or overseas?


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    Same here. I always login to shopify after clearing our Shipstation queue to find "unfulfilled" orders. I click it by habit and it's always the same old cancelled orders. It's a minor inconvenience but one I think would be an easy fix. 

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    There are a good number of payment gateway options for you to choose from. The payment gateways available depends on the region your store is in. You see the payment gateways by region by going here.

    Before deciding on any one particular gateway, it would be a good idea to do some research and see what may work best. It wouldn't hurt to contact the respective support for the payment gateways you're considering. :)


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    i know these gateways but my question is that which payment gateway only take credit card number and exp date to collect the fund. Don't need any gateway which have cvv/zipcode mandatory.

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    Script Editor App

    I am looking for a script example to offer free shipping only on products with the vendor x and if the total price for those items is greater than 100.00. I am looking to have the shipping of the other line items with different vendors calculate as normal. I can't seem to find any good examples of this online and unfortunately I am new to Ruby. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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